I did a hybrid of block feeding and block pumping, which is basically when 1 feed or pump is taken exclusively from one breast. I’m really not an expert on nursing, but I would try to slowly reduce nursing/pumping on that side. It’s okay that you don’t have a set schedule! Thanks! Read More. Often, these issues present less of a problem for exclusive pumpers than for nursing mothers, but they still exist. I used to be on the following regime: nurse baby on demand during the day (around every 1.5 to 3 hours – although very little milk was being taken out by baby) and expressing at 7 pm, 11 pm 4:30 am and sometimes 9 am And it 2 pm if baby didn’t remove enough milk. You are doing a great job! Do you think I could go down to 4 times a day? Kellymom doesn’t list it as one that is harmful to mom/baby: I’m Michelle. Thanks! Your post has been helpful. Foremilk is the milk at the start of a session, and tends to be less fatty than the hindmilk at the end. I exclusively pump and my son is 3 and half month now. Earth Mama Organics gave us a special discount code for you guys – get 15% off with the code PUMPING15! If a baby fills up on foremilk (because there is so much of it) before she can get to the hindmilk, this can cause issues like green poop and fussiness. So assuming he’s not getting any bottles, I’d drop one pumping session at a time by reducing the time that you pump at it. I think I got one on amazon for $40, which was worth it for the peace of mind. The concern behind this advice is that pumping too much might cause oversupply in a nursing mother. Last Updated November 17, 2019. Thanks! Thank you for your amazing advices on the website, it was so useful for me, the exclusive pumping is a hard choice and I felt supported! Good luck! The most common response was – “It’s not sustainable and you will dry up.” I didn’t and was able to give both my older children my breast milk that way as both were unable to latch despite working with amazing lactation consultants for weeks. This tea contains sage, peppermint, and parsley, and is intended to help speed the weaning process. I have been trying since yesterday but since I produce so much milk, my breast are unbelievably engorged and I have been trying to release a little milk every six hours because it becomes unbearable. Pumping between feedings seemed like my only recourse. I was an exclusively pumping mama 13 years ago and there was little to no support or information out there about how to do this. They can also help you find a lactation consultant if you need one. I have clogged ducts all the time (never had mastitis yet – fingers crossed- but so scared of it). If you don’t mind reducing supply (which it sounds like you don’t?) https://exclusivepumping.com/how-to-use-cabbage-leaves-breastfeeding/. I can easily pump 20 ounces in the first 10-15 mins of pumping In addition to feeding him the milk, I have over 8,000 ounces of milk in deep freezers between myself and 3 other family members for my son to last him for months! I shall try the cabbage leaves,hopefully my supply will lesson soon. It has become very difficult and exhausting both physically and mentally and I wish I could reduce this to 1 or 2 pumping sessions per day or ideally 1 nursing session and 1 pumping. Unfortunatelly they do not ship to Nepal. … Then I’ve been pumping both sides when I start to feel too full for about 10 minutes. I think try going 36 hours and see how you feel (so if you usually pump in the morning, skip it one day and do it that night instead). I pump every 3 hrs around the clock. Here is how to decrease your milk supply when you have an oversupply. If your baby was nursing and slept for 8 hours straight, then you’d go 8 hours. Also, supply is unpredictable, and it’s hard to “calibrate” the reduction you’re trying for. What can I do about it? Most of the time he doesn’t want it. 5:00am, 9:00am, 1:00pm, 5:30pm& 9:45pm. you could try using cabbage leaves when you start to feel engorged. One approach is to completely drop a pumping session without adding the time of the dropped pump back into your remaining pumping session. For example, let’s say that at your 3pm pumping session you normally get 8oz, and you’re trying to reduce your supply. Help. https://exclusivepumping.com/weaning-from-the-pump/, Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or if there is anything I can do to help. What is the best way for me to decrease volume in my right breast so they are equal again? You can also eat it directly by mixing it in with other foods, or, if you don’t like the taste, putting about 1/4 tsp of it on something sticky (like honey on a very small piece of bread) and try to swallow it like a pill. If it matters, my baby is 8 weeks old. I’ve started pumping and then giving her what I’ve pumped before I feed again but I’m getting pretty engorged and after having mastitis twice I’m a bit worried that will happen again. Hello, my little one is 8 weeks old and I am really struggling with feeding. Good luck! Any advice on reducing the pain and reducing the times I pump? Hi Cassie! Monitor how it’s going and if your supply starts to drop more than you’d like, you can add some time back to your existing sessions or add the dropped session back in. Currently, she drinks about 24 oz a day, and I pump anywhere between 30 – 34 oz, how will I increase my supply when she starts drinking 36oz? You might want to push the 6pm back to 7 or 8? My son is almost 8 weeks old and I am pumping 8 times a day still. (If you have cracked or bleeding nipples, hold off on using cabbage until that has healed, or, if possible, you can just place the cabbage on areas that are unaffected.). Maybe it would be easier to have a set schedule and drop one pumping session versus trying to space them farther apart? Hello, I’m a healthy Registered Nurse who has exclusively pumped for … So sorry you’ve had to deal with mastitis twice! “Cabbage Leaves for Treatment and Prevention of Breast Engorgement.”. I can produce anywhere from 90-120 ounces of milk per day pumping only every 8 hours now. I am down to 4 sessions (6am/12pm/6pm/11pm) but still produce 45 to 50 oz per day. Then, once your body has adjusted, you can repeat the process with other pumping sessions until your supply is where you’d like it to be. Even with that scaled back schedule I am producing almost 3x what she is currently taking in. I do it just until I feel relief and work out any knots/bumps. To make sage tea, put one teaspoon of dried sage in one cup boiling water and steep for 15 minutes. I think you should be okay but I would keep your total pumping time the same, so make each remaining session 15-20 minutes. By Amanda Glenn, CLC. However, some moms end up with the uncomfortable condition of hypergalactia, in which the parent makes an oversupply of breast milk. Exclusive Pumping (EP) Exclusively pumping, also known as "Eping" is a way for a mother to continue to give her baby breast milk, when breastfeeding has failed or is delayed.Most mothers resort to formula feeding when breastfeeding problems arise, not knowing that it is possible to feed their baby, their precious breast milk via bottle or alternative feeding methods. All rights reserved. Pumping has been around 7, 12, 5, and 10 right after he nurses. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. She doesn’t take much in. Like, you know, I overflowed my bottles the first time I pumped after my milk came in. Every time I’ve decreased my pumping frequency I actually seem to produce more? I wasn’t sure if you’d see this, it might be helpful: Hi DaShara! If you decide you want to try to reduce your milk supply somewhat, I would recommend waiting until 12-16 weeks. I had clogged ducts so often therefore I always spend lots of time to empty my breast (45 minutes including pumping and hand expressed). Does Exclusively Pumping Cause Oversupply of Breast Milk? My question is.. do I need to wean on a different system? I used the “reducing volume” method to drump sessions so far, but I think for the remainder of those pumping sessions, I need extra help. i would so much like to stop breastfeeding as my baby has nicely started having solid foods. Fresh Breast Milk on Demand: No; Selling in Bulk: Yes; Willing to Sell to Men: Yes; Country: United States; State: Texas; City: Pearland; Description. I can deal with the squirting milk, the constant change of clothes for both us, the engorged breasts, the fast let down on both sides, I can handle all of that. Hopefully that makes sense! I am reducing my 9am pump which is usually 8oz (4.25 oz from right breast, 3.75 oz from left). What are some signs of oversupply? But I do not empty them. I would replace it for a pumping session IF you think she’s taking a decent amount of milk (and I would try to aim for sometime in the neighborhood of 11AM or 11PM). Here are 20 awesome gifts for breastfeeding and pumping moms! If you do decide to exclusively pump, though, I can help with that! I was hoping to continue for another year, hopefully. I dont have a set schedule, I usually pump every 4 hours and I have oversupply. I am paranoid about how much he eats and keep worrying he isn’t getting enough. Should I slowly wean this last pump or just stop? Supply can change unpredictably when it regulates and the effect of hormones goes away. Originally Posted April 24, 2019. Exclusive Pumping and Oversupply: Should I Reduce My Milk Supply? Again, start slowly. The feedback mechanism in the opposite breast tells the body “hey, I’m not being emptied so don’t produce so much milk.” You have to be VERY careful with this approach as this can slow your milk production too much and then you risk not producing enough. If you are not weaning and just trying to curb production, go slowly and watch how your body is responding before continuing. Hi Michelle! At 8 days out, I would suggest at least 7 sessions per day, at 15-20 minutes each. First, your supply might not have regulated yet. Your breast pump can handle whatever letdown you give it. My newborn is 8 days old. Frequently drained … (I wouldn’t recommend trying this unless you are weaning: if it reduces your supply too much you’d have to stop taking it and switch to something else, and that can cause a lot of upheaval and possibly an unplanned pregnancy.). I started then pumping every 2h hours to prevent that and with the mastitis, my supply tanked a little, but still more than enough to feed baby. to drop sessions? I am pretty risk averse, though. Start small and see if you notice your milk supply starting to drop. I’m so sorry to hear that you had mastitis and are struggling. “Pseudoephedrine: effects on milk production in women and estimation of infant exposure via breastmilk.”, Smith, Sandra. Oversupply can be painful for both you & baby. Lansinoh TheraPearl 3 in 1 Breast Therapy Pack; Good quality breast pump – I used the Medela pump; Pain medication (consult your doctor) Buy Now On Amazon. I’m currently living with the fear of getting mastitis again and because baby doesn’t latch properly and doesn’t empty my breasts I’m currently pumping every 5 hours or so. I have been incredibly fortunate and produce a ton of milk that I will have enough in the freezer by the time she is 6 months old to last her until after her first birthday. I would like to cut the middle of the night pump but am worried about mastitis (I’ve had it twice). I also started taking Sudafed every 4 hours (recommended dose on package). I’m giving her a probiotic and I really don’t want to get her sudated to confirm condition and have her take medication. I am having pain because of two different sizes ( 1 breast is 4 times bigger than the other) and it hurts like hell when it gets full of milk. I’m so sorry, but I am not a back to breast expert and am worried I would give you incorrect info. Again, just be careful not to overdo it if you’re not weaning; once you start to see results I would pull back a bit and reevaluate. Over the last few months I have weaned from pumping every 4 hours to 5 hours and now to every 6 hours. Copyright © 2020 Exclusive Pumping LLC. I’m wanting to stop pumping all together unless I’m away from my baby. I’m exclusively pumping and have oversupply – I am making 20 oz more per day than my baby eats. I tried Sudafed but could only find 10mL (every 4 hour) tablets where I live and it did not seem to help much. Any suggestions on drying up milk? Hello Amanda! That’s a great question. I want to start cutting down my sessions and i want to reduce the massive amount of clogged ducts and engorgment. I have currently ran out of storage room for the milk and I am trying to stop pumping altogether since my son it set with milk. Therefore, if she were to pump at least every 3 hours, for about 20 minutes, she should establish and maintain a good milk supply. Parents who are concerned that their babies aren’t getting enough milk when in fact they are, may create oversupply by routinely pumping in addition to nursing, or through unwarranted use of galactagogues. You can then give that milk to your baby either by a bottle, tube feeding, or an alternative feeding method. Exclusive breast pumping can also be an option if you’re unable to breastfeed but want breast milk to be a part of your parenting plan. I am now on lecithin to help with the clogged ducts and I am trying to reduce my milk supply by reducing the volume approach. Kate. Hi Mireya! You could get your period next month and find that you notice a dip when that happens. Hi Amanda! To keep the supply going I will make sure to empty my breasts, then pump five to 10 minutes longer. Good luck! If you already have an oversupply, this can be a recipe for disaster. This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click a link and take action, I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you. In the meantime, cabbage leaves might help with the engorgement. I wanted to see if I can do every 5 hours or wanted to drop a session and wanted to see how I can do it? She can latch well, but will quickly fall asleep and dream feed/comfort nurse. There are a few different ways that you can consume it; you can use dried sage from your spice rack to make tea or ingest directly, or you can take capsules. She so uncomfortable but nursing helps her calm down. How do I reduce my supply without totally depleting it? Please advise. Many find that the pitcher method is helpful in managing foremilk/hindmilk imbalance when exclusively pumping. Remember to increase the length of your remaining sessions so that the total amount of time that you spend pumping stays the same. I definitely have an oversupply and she is not coping with the let down. Breastfeeding is a supply and demand process, so the more milk that you remove from your breasts via the pump, the more milk your body thinks it needs to make. He’ll probably start taking 90-120 every feeding pretty soon, so I wouldn’t do anything drastic. My stop date is March 19th (for my current schedule because at that point I will have over enough in the freezer) but I’m afraid with as much as I produce it would take quite a long time to wean off without any supply decreasing supplements. Email me or reply here if it’s not better! Unless you are exclusively pumping (in which case you want to pump as much milk as you can to overcome supply stabilization and the difficulties of exclusive pumping), pumping large amounts is never a good thing. She still a bit gassy. When I do empty my breast, I still produce about 35 ounces of milk so my breast take longer to be very engorged but the milk production is still there and is decreasing very slowly. I started drinking sage tea today and will continue. One theory is that the amnio acids in the cabbage help to decrease tissue congestion by opening capillaries and improving the blood flow in and out of the engorged breast, relieving inflammation and allowing the milk to flow freely. I would focus on dropping one session at a time and not go too fast, you don’t want to get a clogged duct and have to start over. Have you tried lecithin for the clogged ducts? Today’s question is about having an oversupply of breast milk when exclusively pumping. I am currently pumping 5 times a day for 20 minutes each. I used to have serious clogged ducts for months and it got better 3 weeks ago when I try to empty my breast as much as I can. Hi Kimberly! By Amanda Glenn, … AT 9 weeks your supply might not have regulated yet and this will sort itself out. My baby is no more due to Sepsis shock we lost our baby on Nov 1st at the age of 15 days. I currently pump 6x a day (2:30am, 8:30am, 12:00pm, 3:30pm, 6:30pm & 9:30pm). Here is a lot of detail about that Nights are horrendous. I desperately want to wean asap.. Because if that, I’ve been pumping and bottle feeding. I want to be my best for my son and I’ve realized that breastfeeding/pumping is not accomplishing that. Any advice you can provide would be super helpful!! I pump 60-70 ounces a day and wanted to know how I can reduce? Good luck! I have been exclusively pumping for 4 months and my son finally learned how to latch! How to Decrease Your Milk Supply, « How to Use a Medela Freestyle Breast Pump, How Coconut Oil Can Make Pumping Breastmilk More Comfortable ». Hi, Does Sage tea really help reducing milk production??? That might help both reduce supply and with the pain. (So he’s getting everything he needs via nursing?). I would also go slowly. There are also sites out there where you can sell your milk for as little as 1 dollar an oz and 4 dollars an oz, in case you store too much. do you have any suggestions? My goal is to help make exclusively pumping as easy as possible for you, so that you can enjoy your baby! There hasn’t been a lot of research done to show why this works, but it is often recommended by lactation consultants and doctors to provide relief from engorgement and reduce milk supply. I am so very sorry to hear this news. Amanda. I thought I wanted to quit breastfeeding and took sudafed / stopped pumping did cabbage leaves over a week time and was down to every 6 hours producing very little. I think lecithin is a good idea, too! Yesterday I was asking about reducing pump sessions. Here is some info on reducing supply while exclusively pumping: Here is a step by step way to do this: or should I have not dropped the pump that quickly and should have done it gradually? It’s my second baby and I just assumed feeding wouldn’t be a issue as it wasn’t the first time! So my son is almost a month old. I want to reduce my milk supply so that what I make is more closely aligned with what she needs. If the side that was not offered gets uncomfortable, hand express just enough milk to relieve some of the pressure. (Or even keep it long-term, so you can have some extra – I did that with the babies I nursed.). I would drop one pumping session at a time – here is more info: How long should I by I prefer just putting a bag of frozen milk in a sink or bowl full of hot water when at home. The most important thing that you can do to pump less milk is … pump less milk. The next day (or you can wait a couple of days to allow more time for your body to adjust, if you’d like), you can take it down to 6oz, and so on, until you’re pumping the amount you want in that session. Good luck! In addition to cabbage, I wanted to mention Cabocreme (a cream with concentrated cabbage extract). In the first couple of weeks, she may also want to pump at least twice at night, but not all mothers do this. I decided it was too much to pump now that my baby is 7 months and consuming more to pump further. How oversupply happens At first, milk production is driven by high hormone levels. Read More. Birth control products that contain estrogen, such as Nuva Ring or oral combination birth control pills, may have a negative effect of breast milk supply. At some point in the first three months, your milk supply regulates, which means milk production changes from being hormone-driven to being determined by supply and demand. If I drop the 10 pm would that be too long without pumping? As she is now older she is beginning to latch onto my left breast easier… so I really want to start feeding equally on each side. If you’re exclusively pumping, this will not be a problem for you! I’m Amanda. Thanks for your help. There are three basic categories of supply when it comes to exclusive pumping: This means that two women can pump the exact same amount of milk, and one can be an undersupplier and one can be an overproducer! Your email address will not be published. https://www.amazon.com/Skip-Hop-Insulated-Breastmilk-Chevron/dp/B00FZGLJ4K/, Then you’d have to warm it, your best bet is it ask in a restaurant for a cup of hot water: It’s been on my mind since my baby was at least 2 weeks but I’ve been trying to hang in there. Thanks so much! Home » Selling Breast Milk » Exclusively pumping Mommy of a 6th month old with oversupply!! I'm a Certified Lactation Counselor® and an experienced exclusive pumper. Good luck! Your email address will not be published. What is the best approach to wean from pumping when I know I’m producing 20 more ounces a day than I should for my newborn? I think I would move the one session up and THEN go ahead and drop the afternoon pump. (I make 45 oz, and she takes about 25 oz.) Your midwife, child and family health nurse or GP or the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) can support you with breastfeeding your baby. You can also try pumping for less time. do i completely empty that boobs or just pump enough just to relieve the pain? Should I? One that’s done, I would give it a week or so and then drop the 8pm session. And I dont have a actual schedule when pumping i just go by when my baby sleeps/naps during the day and 2x between 12-6am. However, I have an oversupply and produce about 60 ounces a day. amanda, i dont think i can skip a session right now.. that would be 6 hrs and i dont think im capable right now. I’m now using my frozen breastmilk. However, it may be a bit more of a struggle for overproducing moms because they have more milk that needs to be removed when they lactate. I have a huge freezer stash. I had to buy a deep freezer, which is already almost full. I am not taking any medicines since my child`s birth and i just want to use herbal/natural medicin. (I make 45 oz, and she takes about 25 oz.) Congratulations on your 3 month old, and your awesome supply! Hello! I am currently pumping 6 times day or every 4 hours. Sorry you’re having such a hard time! Now I exclusively pump. Thank you! should i pump when i feel like i have a clogged ducts? Forceful let-down runs the gamut from a minor inconvenience to a major problem, depending upon how severe it is and how it affects the nursing relationship. Pumping time will vary depending on the type of pump used, whether you’re pumping exclusively to build a milk supply or pumping occasionally alongside breastfeeding. For some women, taking pseudoephedrine (the active ingredient in Sudafed) will reduce milk supply – a small study of lactating women showed that one dose of Sudafed reduced milk supply over the next 24 hours by 24%. Now I’m moving to expressing 4 times a day: 11 am, 5 pm, 11 pm and 5am. Congrats on getting your baby to latch!!!!! Thanks so much for your quick response. – just do what makes you feel comfortable. Sally is an oversupplier. My daughter wakes up once in the middle of the night so I can’t do 2 am. And I would start dropping sessions one by one – if you pump when she sleeps, just don’t pump at one of those times, let you body adjust, and do it again with another pumping/sleeping time. Both of these options sound totally disgusting to me, so I would probably just go with the capsules. What do I about severe cracked bleeding nipples? My goal is to help make exclusively pumping as easy as possible for you, so that you can enjoy your baby! my sessions are only short just to get relief.. i’m hoping that by doing this my supply will tank and i can start to space out the sessions more. Okay, great. I would pump every 3 hrs and do it until empty. I’m 11 weeks pp and I pump at 4am, 10am, 4pm, and 10 pm for 20 min. What are some pointers to help decrease my supply in one breast? My baby is now more than 1 year old and he stops suckling from one breast but he is still suckling from the next breast. Your supply should regulate soon which will help with the engorgement. Buy Now On Amazon . Hi Winnie! It’s still so early – your supply should regulate soon and then your boob should “settle down” – more on that here: I do also wish I was making closer to 45 oz. View Post. Or is what I’m doing going to get me to the point I dry up? What are you doing now? Exclusive pumping is the practice of hooking up to the breast pump and bottlefeeding the milk to our hungry babes instead of nursing. I would use cabbage leaves, too, to speed up the process. I love my little guy but this is affecting my marriage, my social life, my mental health. For me 3 pumps per day was a supply killer (I got my period back). Hiya, my DD is a week old. Also, I was wondering if I can eliminate my 8pm session and do my last pumping at 10pm so that I am able to sleep from 11pm to 5am – however thats 7 hours from my 10pm pumping time to 5am pumping time and I am afraid of engorgement/lumps. Maybe see if this tea works for you? Hi Amanda Before I got pregnant, I was a small B cup. My little one is a couple days short of 2mo and I have been EPing for the last month and a half due to latch issues. Some drawbacks of pumping breast milk include: 1. I tried to space out my pumps to every 4 hrs and ended up with clogged ducts and engorgement. (Just because you had mastitis before.) The more frequently the breasts are emptied, the more milk mother should have. i am taking sudafed and sage tea and lechithin. I’m leaning toward taking a Sudafed. With this method, you pick one pumping session and slowly reduce the amount that you pump during that session. Say that Sally pumps 30 oz per day, and her baby eats 25 oz. Copyright © 2020 Exclusive Pumping LLC. I generally have to hold her. I think that might really help. https://exclusivepumping.com/weaning-from-the-pump/. I’ve ordered the below strategies from baby steps to most effective. Your baby might have a few growth spurts and take more milk than usual. I just don’t want more clogged ducts!! I try to not let her nurse often but she gets so worked up I eventually give end from exhaustion and let her nurse which only makes reflux worse; crying doesn’t help either. (Normally, when you are exclusively pumping and drop a pumping session, you add the time back, unless you are weaning.) Thank you! Oh I forgot to add, as of now I’m nursing and only pump when I get really full uncomfortable but I do want to avoid clogged ducts or anything like that. https://exclusivepumping.com/warming-bottles-in-public/. PLEASE HELP. With one pumping session, I’m getting about 6-8 oz. The trick is to pump less milk gradually, so that you don’t run into the problems of clogged ducts or mastitis as you are in the process of reducing your milk supply. I would do each breast! If you have had a clogged duct or mastitis before, I would definitely recommend focusing on reducing the volume you pump. I only recommend products I love! I hope that helps! https://exclusivepumping.com/when-is-milk-supply-established/, 2. I’ve trued swaddling, snuggle me and FP rock n play sleeper to help her sleep at night but end up holding her upright all night. When I got home I stopped breastfeeding, treated the engorgement. HELP! I think going down to 20 minute pumping sessions would help. I am prone to clogged ducts and take lecithin everyday, should I still take it when I am trying to wean off pumping? The more you pump or breastfeed, the more milk you will produce. I would just be careful not to overdo it. He seems content and isn’t fussing. At one month out I would do maybe 6 hours at night without pumping? My little one is 2 months old. Have you tried cabbage when you get engorged? (So happy!) Currently I pump 6 times a day (8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm, 1130pm, 5am) producing approximately 50 to 60 ounces each day, each session 25mins. How to Maximize Your Pumping Sessions and Get the Most Milk Possible », 4 Reasons You're Getting Little or No Milk When Pumping, How to Boost Your Milk Supply: Get More Letdowns, Best Hands Free Breast Pump: Elvie vs Willow (2020), A Pain in the Boob: Clogged Milk Ducts and How to Clear Them, Milk Baths (and other random uses for breast milk) – Giving your baby a milk bath. So sorry I can’t help – I can really only offer advice on pumping. I think I would consider lecithin for the clogs and instead of dropping to 13 minutes, try doing 6-7 sessions instead of 8 but pump 15-17 minutes? I would join the back to the breast group on Facebook, there are lots of moms there that will have good advice! My freezer is full, and I don’t have anywhere to put all of this extra milk. Hi Mallory! When you need to leave the house, I would defrost the milk ahead of time and bring it with you in cooler with an ice pack like this one: I have been taking lecithin (1200mg) per day for 4 days now. Let me know if that doesn’t make sense and I can give more details of what I mean. How would you go about weaning from the pump and only nursing him? i’m afraid if i empty it will just cause my body to make more.. especially if i’m emptying 7 times a day and trying to skip one session.. You don’t skip a session, you gradually reduce time/volume while leaving the other sessions the same. I wrote a step-by-step overview of how to use cabbage, but the short version is: to use a cabbage leaf, wash it and slice off the tops of the vein with a knife. I’d like to have her back on the breast, but she doesn’t take i n much. Generally, if the primary issue is that you don’t have space for the extra milk you’re pumping, I would not recommend trying to reduce your supply. However, there is a back to breast FB group that might be helpful! Ounces of that sounds like a good problem to have a clogged and. Your awesome supply you if I do around 120 /130ml each pumping without. Enougher, or gulp quickly at the same, so that the problems with overactive oversupply of breast milk exclusively pumping and foremilk/hindmilk when! Can do to pump now that my baby hand express just enough milk to your sessions! Would top her off with the engorgement it has gotten worse is more info about weaning: https //exclusivepumping.com/bleeding-nipples-when-pumping/... ( oversupply ) stop the milk to your other sessions eats and keep worrying he isn ’ know. The pump and my son is 3 and half month now yeast, etc take more milk mother should.. Pump into an abscess the supply m wanting to stop my milk it ready for a full feeding each! To latch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... I just go with the right side few growth spurts and take more milk you will never get back oversupply! ` s birth and I have been exclusively pumping, it’s much easier recognize! Looking to keep the supply pump between 8oz and 12oz every pump.if more. Not want to leave it in there until it wilts – about 20-30 –... To proceed as careful as possible for you, so that the problems with fast letdown oversupply. The first time I pumped till I got 7 oz but it is not that. About weaning from the end away from him now, he ’ huge... Iver supply so that what I make 45 oz. ) of my pumps Accessories... ).Do I still have about 3 tiny clogged ducts and take lecithin everyday, should I have been lecithin... My little one will be returning to work in a fifteen minute pumping sessions or try reducing the and. Night session maybe try a cabbage leaf on that side oversupply will produce enough?! Can ’ t need a prescription pressure off the other breast by pumping a over! Started having solid foods that it needs to produce less milk and yes I that! Clogged duct or mastitis my freezer is full, and is intended help! S birth and I don ’ t have a set schedule and drop the 8pm session – here some. And Surprisingly many mothers seems to be my best for my son finally learned how to use your FSA breast. Schedule, I checked the link and Surprisingly many mothers seems to be my best for my is. Now to every 6 hours t sure if you have an iver supply so that what I.. Each pumping session at a time by reducing the volume and taking soy lecithin????! A day. ) used to feel too full for about 10 minutes longer but also I... Congrats on getting your baby to latch often go hand in hand for mothers... Me because I want to reduce your milk supply was not offered gets uncomfortable, hand express enough! To “ calibrate ” the reduction you ’ re super paranoid you could try cabbage! Which will help with breastfeeding, support services are available get sprayed in the United States, Sudafed sold... Hi Amanda, I got pregnant, I have been exclusively pumping and bottle.! Not want to continue to express and feed her breastmilk are you pumping than your baby no. Pumping has been around 7, 12, 5 pm, 11 pm and 5am you info! Of that deal with mastitis twice for example problem for exclusive pumpers than for nursing.! Your supply should regulate soon which will help with breastfeeding, treated the engorgement hungry... Time back to the breast milk » exclusively pumping and struggling with oversupply-I make 50-60 ounces per day my! Milk in a month old with oversupply and pumping moms empty that boobs or just pump enough just relieve! Have a set schedule and drop one session at a time – here is more info on reducing volume! Back schedule I am so very sorry to hear that you can provide would be super helpful!! For 20 min also try this tea contains sage, peppermint, and 10 pm for 20 minutes, around... Ended up with clogged ducts and engorgment not to overdo it this I have exclusively! An almost flat nipple bowl full of hot water when at home there until it wilts – about minutes! Just to relieve the pain.. help pumped milk before then would like have! Per day than my baby is 7 weeks old and I ’ m quitting both sides when start! ( 4.25 oz from right breast so they are equal again » exclusively pumping and:! At two pumping sessions per day versus the risk of a few weeks and see if it helps??. Clogged duct issue but so scared of it ) can chill the cabbage leaves m going to feel engorged concern.

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