One commenter requested that we allow unidentified animals in interstate commerce that do not cross State lines to move unidentified to markets that are not approved markets. … documents in the last year, by the Federal Communications Commission Genetically resistant exposed sheep, Genetically resistant sheep, ; the number of animals covered by the ICVI; the purpose for which the animals are to be moved; the address at which the animals were loaded for interstate movement or for movement to a terminal feedlot when an ICVI is required; the address to which the animals are destined; and the names of the consignor and the consignee and their addresses if different from the address at which the animals were loaded or the address to which the animals are destined; and if different the current owner; (2) Each animal's official individual identification numbers: Provided, that, in the case of animals identified with official identifications devices or methods that include the flock identification number(s) assigned to the flock(s) of origin in the National Scrapie Database and an individual animal number unique within the flock, the flock identification number(s) may be recorded instead of the individual identification numbers, and for animals allowed by § 79.3 to move with group lot identification, the group lot number may be recorded instead of the individual identification numbers. (2) A dry lot approved by a State or APHIS representative or an accredited veterinarian authorized by the Administrator to perform this function where only animals that either are not pregnant based on the animal being male, an owner certification that any female animals have not been exposed to a male in the preceding 6 months, an ICVI issued by an accredited veterinarian stating the animals are not pregnant, or the animals are under 6 months of age at time of receipt, where only castrated males are maintained with female animals, and all animals in the terminal feedlot are separated from all other animals such that physical contact cannot occur including through a fence and from which animals are moved only to another terminal feedlot or directly to slaughter; or. The final determination of the Administrator shall become effective upon oral or written notification, whichever is earlier, to the owner. In the case of animals that arrive at a market on an ICVI, when allowed by the States involved, the original document may be attached to the new ICVI if the animal IDs of any animals not included in the shipment are struck off the old ICVI. (1) The sheep or goat must be identified to its flock of origin and to its flock of birth [4] If more than one group is created on the same date a sequential number will be added to the end of the GIN. However, we will not make it a requirement because it would be overly burdensome to producers given the minimal improvement in traceability that would likely result. This will allow APHIS to work through issues that may negatively impact stakeholders in small pilots and to implement the requirement through the program standards when the process has been tested and the technology allows for efficient compliance. No indemnity will be paid unless the owner has signed and is in compliance with the requirements of a flock plan or post-exposure management and monitoring plan (PEMMP) as described in § 54.8 unless the requirement for a flock plan or PEMMP has been waived by the Administrator. Such animals may be retained only if the exempted animal's official identification and the requirements for minimizing the risk of scrapie transmission are documented in the PEMMP and the owner is in compliance with the PEMMP. (c) No person shall apply a premises or flock identification number or a brand or earnotch pattern to an animal that did not originate on the premises or flock to which the number was assigned by a State or APHIS representative or to which the brand or earnotch pattern has been assigned by an official brand registry. Section 54.4 is amended by revising paragraph (a)(5) and adding an OMB citation at the end of the section to read as follows: (5) A copy of the registration papers issued in the name of the owner for any registered animals in the flock (registration papers are not required for the payment of indemnity for animals that are not registered); and, a. Federal Register. In paragraph (d), by removing the word “slaughtered,”; and. This term has the meaning set forth in § 86.1 of this subchapter, except that only AIN devices approved and distributed in accordance with § 79.2(k) and methods approved for use in sheep and goats in accordance with § 79.2(a)(2) are included. To report sheep and goats in Iowa that are showing clinical signs that are suspicious of Scrapie, please contact Dr. Sharon Fairchild @ 515-669-3727 or Dr. Greg Schmitt @ 515-669-5633 or a State or Federal veterinarian near you. APHIS intends to continue to work to improve the user experience with these systems. Federal Register issue. Genetically susceptible exposed animal. The changes we proposed would ensure that better records are available for tracing animals by adding requirements in new § 54.8(b), “Records for flocks under a flock plan or PEMMP,” § 79.2(f), “Records required of persons who purchase, acquire, sell, or dispose of animals,” and § 79.2(g), “Records required of persons who apply official identification to animals.”. All are approved by USDA for interstate movements of livestock. If a flock identification number is used, the flock identification number, date, and sequential number(s) will be separated by hyphens. (b) For flocks under a flock plan or PEMMP, the flock owner must maintain the following records for 5 years or until the flock plan and/or PEMMP is completed, whichever is longer. In such cases the animal must be identified with a slaughter only tag, and is moved only in slaughter channels or, in the case of sheep, moved for other purposes if the animal is inspected by an accredited veterinarian, found free of evidence of infectious or contagious disease, and officially genotyped as AA QR or AA RR where Q and R refer to codon 171 and A refers to codon 136. (1) All animals in the flock while it is subject to a flock plan or PEMMP; (2) Any high-risk or genetically susceptible exposed animals in the flock and any other restricted animals; (3) Any animals designated for testing by an APHIS representative or State representative until testing is completed, results reported, and animals classified; and. The commenter asked that APHIS clearly spell out what the requirements are for each type of PEMMP, which type is required for each situation, and be consistent with terminology. (1) All man-made identification devices affixed to sheep or goats moved interstate must be removed at slaughter and correlated with the carcasses through final inspection by means approved by the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). The appeal must include all of the facts and reasons upon which the owner relies to show that the proposed action is incorrect or is not supported. The commenter also asked why AA was used in the definition since most sheep are only genotyped at codon 171 and what “where Q represents any genotype other than R at codon 171” means and what it relates to. BSE is a separate disease from scrapie and can be distinguished using laboratory tests or mouse inoculation. The documents posted on this site are XML renditions of published Federal We are making no change in response to this comment as there is adequate flexibility through the pilot project provision and the low-risk exposed animal definition to allow such sheep to be exempted if there is sufficient scientific evidence available to warrant an exemption. the current document as it appeared on Public Inspection on The President of the United States issues other types of documents, including but not limited to; memoranda, notices, determinations, letters, messages, and orders. Guidelines will be based on the characteristics of the test, including specificity, sensitivity, and predictive value in defined groups of animals. on Low-risk commercial flocks may exist only in a State where in the previous 10 years no flock that had met the definition of a low-risk commercial flock prior to a classification investigation was designated a source or infected flock. If diagnostic samples, including whole heads, are taken, the identification devices must be packaged with the samples and must be left attached to approximately 1 inch of tissue or to the whole head to allow for identity testing and be correlated with the carcasses through final inspection by means approved by FSIS. (k) APHIS may enter into compliance agreements with persons such as dealers and owners of slaughter establishments and markets whereby animals may be received unidentified or without a required owner/hauler statement even if they cannot be identified to their flock of birth or origin because they were moved or commingled while unidentified, in violation of this part or a State requirement as provided by § 79.6. Historically, prevalence rates of scrapie varied by face color and our prevalence estimate is appropriately weighted to match the face color distribution within the U.S. sheep population. For a test to be approved for the identification of scrapie-positive animals, the test must demonstrate a diagnostic specificity comparable to that of current program-approved tests, and the sensitivity of the test will also be considered in determining the approved uses of the test within the program. The regulations for control of scrapie and BSE are generally consistent with international guidelines. Organic and/or inorganic materials may be disposed of by incineration or burial. offers a preview of documents scheduled to appear in the next day's APHIS may specify the type of official identification that may be used in order to maximize retention of the means of identification, identify restricted or test positive animals or to facilitate the testing or inventory of the animals. The Administrator may grant provisional approval to produce devices for periods of less than 1 year in cases where there is limited or incomplete data. The State Animal Health Official or the Administrator may limit the assignment of official identification devices or numbers to persons, or classes of persons, for use on animals that did not originate in a breeding flock owned by them to slaughter only devices or numbers. Low-risk commercial flock. 8313, or other applicable Federal statutes. A designated scrapie epidemiologist shall determine when to require a PEMMP and the monitoring requirements for these flocks based on the findings of the classification or reclassification investigation. By removing the definition for Separate contemporary lambing groups; z. This will provide additional flexibility in handling unidentified animals moving to slaughter as a single source lot. We agree with the second commenter that recording official genotype test information on the ICVI is not needed and have removed the requirement. Ear Tags for goats can change by state call CCK for help finding the right Goat Tag shipped fast to your door. corresponding official PDF file on (4) The ICVI must be signed by the issuing State, Federal, Tribal or accredited veterinarian and must be legible on all copies. (k) Requirements for approval of official identification devices include: (1) The Administrator may approve companies to produce official identification devices for use on sheep or goats. Such animals may be moved interstate with individual animal identification that is only traceable to the State of origin and to the owner of the animals at the time they were so identified. Animal identification number (AIN). (h) No animals designated for testing as part of a classification or reclassification investigation may be moved until testing is completed and results reported, except for movement by permit for testing, slaughter, research, or destruction. Tag options: Q-flex® 1.5, Q-flex® 3 and Q-flex® 5, 7X and Mini. Download now. The Administrator may decline to renew a company's approval or suspend or withdraw approval if the devices do not show adequate retention and durability or cause injury in field use or if any of the requirements of this section are not met by the tag company. Any flock in which an APHIS or State representative has determined that a scrapie suspect animal, high-risk animal, or scrapie-positive animal resides or may have resided. By adding in alphabetical order definitions for Official identification number, O fficially identified, and Owner/hauler statement; r. By removing the definition for Owner statement; s. By adding in alphabetical order a definition for Person; t. By revising the definition for Premises identification number (PIN); u. Information about this document as published in the Federal Register. Animals moved in accordance with this paragraph must be individually identified and listed on the permit. Inorganic material and wood structures may be cleaned and disinfected. A sexually intact male animal that has produced offspring in the preceding 12 months or that was used for breeding during the current breeding cycle. documents in the last year, by the International Trade Administration Sets of unique individual identification numbers may also be assigned by the Administrator to breed registries that agree to reassign the sequences to the flock of origin and, and when required, the flock of birth and to provide associated registry identifiers such as registry tattoo numbers to APHIS in the National Scrapie Database. 5/8"W x 2"H. Apply with Universal Total Tagger or Global Retract-O-Matic Tagger sold separately). These are four diets used in an experiment investigating protein requirements of meat goats. We have also amended the definition of slaughter channels in § 54.1 to be consistent with the changes in § 79.1. Six commenters stated that markets should be limited to applying only owner-provided official eartags or blue slaughter-only serial eartags provided by the markets in order to reduce the number of untraceable animals. Insect cell supernatant expressing His-tagged mouse CCL22 was resolved by electrophoresis, transferred to nitrocellulose, and probed with anti-His Tag antibody (clone J099B12). (h) The Administrator may withdraw or suspend approval of any test or test method if the test or method does not perform at an acceptable level following approval or if a more effective test or test method is subsequently approved. (2) Animals in slaughter channels must be officially identified with an official blue eartag marked with the words “Meat” or “Slaughter Only” and may move only directly to slaughter or to a terminal feedlot. One commenter recommended not using Emergency Management and Response System (EMRS) for scrapie tracing. To view the proposed rule, supporting documents, and the comments we received, go to​#!docketDetail;​D=​APHIS-2007-0127. By revising the definition for Terminal feedlot; and. Female Tag complete with Small Round Male Tag (button). If the animals are required to be officially identified but the identification number is not required to be recorded on the ICVI, the ICVI must state that all animals to be Start Printed Page 11196moved under the ICVI are officially identified and state the exemption that applies (e.g. One commenter expressed concern that tail tags would cause unnecessary medical issues for small-eared or earless breeds of goats, such as La Mancha goats. Disclaimer. Parry's work did not include the genotypes of the sheep involved and it is unclear if his observations were a widespread breed trait separate from the genotype at codons 171 and 136 or the result of the genotype at these codons. This final rule has been reviewed under Executive Order 12988, Civil Justice Reform. Excluding low-risk exposed animals, any exposed animal or embryo that is also: (2) A sheep or sheep embryo of genotype AV QR that the Administrator determines is epidemiologically linked to a scrapie-positive RR or QR sheep, to a flock that the Administrator has determined may be affected by valine-associated scrapie (based on an evaluation of the genotypes of the scrapie-positive animals linked to the flock), or to a scrapie type to which AV QR sheep are susceptible; or, (3) A sheep or sheep embryo of genotype AA QR that the Administrator determines is epidemiologically linked to a scrapie-positive RR or AA QR sheep or to a scrapie type to which AA QR sheep are susceptible; or. This table of contents is a navigational tool, processed from the (3) Approval will only be given for devices for which data have been provided supporting high legibility, readability (visual and RFID), and retention rates in sheep and goats that minimize injury throughout their lifespan, or for which there is a reasonable expectation of such performance. Imprinting: Both sides have flock number and individual animal number as shown above. A test for the diagnosis of scrapie approved by the Administrator for use in the scrapie eradication or certification program in accordance with § 54.10. The flock ID number must begin with the State postal abbreviation or APHIS-assigned Tribal code, must have no more than nine alphanumeric characters, and must not contain the characters “I”, “O”, or “Q” other than as part of the State postal abbreviation or another standardized format authorized by the administrator and recorded in the National Scrapie Database. has no substantive legal effect. In paragraph (2), by adding the words “or flock under investigation” immediately after the words “exposed flock”; and. (g) An epidemiologic investigation must be conducted to identify high-risk and exposed animals that currently reside in the flock or that previously resided in the flock, and all high-risk animals, scrapie-positive animals, and suspect animals must be removed from the flock except as provided in paragraph (h) of this section. on The term “brand” includes official brand registry brands on eartags in those States whose brand law or regulation recognizes brands placed on eartags as official brands. GOAT Black Friday. Animals in slaughter channels may move either directly to a slaughter establishment that is under Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) jurisdiction per the Federal Meat Inspection Act (FMIA) or under State inspection that FSIS has recognized as at least equal to Federal inspection or to a custom exempt slaughter establishment as defined by FSIS (9 CFR 303.1) for immediate slaughter or to an individual for immediate slaughter for personal use or to a terminal feedlot, or may move indirectly to such a destination through a restricted animal sale or restricted livestock facility. To obtain reimbursement for disposal costs, animal owners must obtain written approval of the disposal costs from APHIS, prior to disposal. Several commenters asked that APHIS provide templates with required fields marked for owner/hauler statements and for any other required information or data as in the case of entities that acquire or dispose of animals. The commenter stated that, in the case of 400 dairy sheep seized and euthanized in 2000-2001, none tested positive for scrapie. APHIS only requires genetic selection in exposed flocks and other higher risk flocks as part of PEMMPs. Imagine the cost to sheep and goat producers, if consumers believed that Scrapie affected people in the same way as BSE! Copies of the full analysis are available on the website (see footnote 1 in this document for a link to or by contacting the person listed under FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT. The official responsible for issuing eartags in a State may also assign serial numbers of official eartags to other responsible persons, such as 4-H leaders, if the State Animal Health Official and Veterinary Services, Field Operations, AVIC responsible for the State involved agree that such assignments will improve scrapie control and eradication within the State. As noted in the regulatory impact analysis, individuals may spend about 2 hours a year on recordkeeping, at a time cost of about $34.50, but in fact many of these records of sales and purchases are typically already kept as a normal business practice. Section § 54.3 is amended by revising paragraph (b) and adding an OMB citation at the end of the section to read as follows: (b) Indemnity will be paid to an owner only for animals actually in a flock at the time indemnity is first offered in writing, and for offspring born to animals in that flock within 60 days after the time indemnity is first offered in writing. So, why not have a box on hand to tag your sheep and goats? Register documents. APHIS also has regulations at 9 CFR part 54, which describe a voluntary scrapie-free flock certification program. Devices must be readily distinguishable as USDA official sheep and goat identification devices; must carry the alphanumeric sequences, symbols, or logos specified by APHIS; must be an allowed color for the intended use, and must have a means of discouraging counterfeiting, such as use of a unique copyrighted logo or trade mark. (b) The State Animal Health Official or Veterinary Services, Field Operations, Area Veterinarian in Charge (AVIC) responsible for the State involved, whoever is responsible for issuing official identification devices or numbers in that State and for assigning flock identification numbers and premises identification numbers in that State in the National Scrapie Database, may issue sets of unique serial numbers or flock identification/production numbers for use on official individual identification devices (such as eartags or tattoos). Officially identified. An example of a specific circumstance could be large unruly horned male goats moving through approved livestock facilities. . the material on is accurately displayed, consistent with Notification is not required for each subsequent movement of animals to that premises. Continuous inspection means an inspector examines each animal before slaughter (antemortem inspection) and the carcass and parts after slaughter (postmortem inspection). Also, a study showed that as in selecting for any trait, selecting for scrapie resistance may delay progress on other traits, particularly in breeds where R at codon 171 is rare. More specifically, genetic testing will be used to identify genetically resistant or less susceptible sheep for exemption from destruction and as qualifying for interstate movement; designated scrapie epidemiologists will be given greater flexibility in determining the testing needs of flocks; the indemnity regulations will be changed to apply only to those animals that are found to be genetically susceptible to scrapie; official identification of goats produced for meat or fiber or that are slaughtered at over 18 months of age will be required; submission of tagging records by individuals who tag sheep or goats that do not originate on their premises will be required when requested; and Start Printed Page 11179certain recordkeeping requirements will be reduced, changed, or removed. All dairy goats must be tattooed before they can be accepted for registry or recordation in the herd books of the American Dairy Goat Association. The rule does not require markets to provide seller information to buyers in most cases; the exception is that markets must provide the group lot numbers when the animals are moving unidentified as part of a single source lot in slaughter channels. (j) Beginning on April 24, 2019, no more than one official eartag may be applied to an animal; except that: (1) Another official eartag may be applied providing it bears the same official identification number as an existing one. (f) The owner of the flock or his or her agent must immediately report the following animals to a State representative, APHIS representative, or an accredited veterinarian; ensure that samples are properly collected for testing if the animal dies; allow the animals to be tested, and not remove them from a flock without written permission of a State or APHIS representative: (1) Any sheep or goat exhibiting weight loss despite retention of appetite; behavioral abnormalities; pruritus (itching); wool pulling; wool loss; biting at legs or side; lip smacking; motor abnormalities such as incoordination, high stepping gait of forelimbs, bunny hop movement of rear legs, or swaying of back end; increased sensitivity to noise and sudden movement; tremor; star gazing; head pressing; recumbency; rubbing, or other signs of neurological disease or chronic wasting illness; and. Restricted animal sale or restricted livestock facility. If diagnostic samples, including whole heads, are taken, the identification devices must be packaged with the samples and must be left attached to approximately 1 inch of tissue or to the whole head to allow for identity testing. Other definitions are slightly different because they need to reference the Code of Federal Regulations, and in some cases they include more specific information to assist the reader. 4. There is an exclusion, which would rarely apply, for animals that have never been in interstate commerce and that have not resided on a premises where animals that have been in interstate commerce have been received or from which animals are moved in interstate commerce, where the animals being moved for exhibition are not owned by a person who engages in the interstate commerce of animals, that are moved to exhibitions that are conducted at premises where the interstate commerce of animals does not occur, and where none of the animals exhibited has been in interstate commerce. Notification is not required for each subsequent movement of animals to that premises. ) a list of sheep or goats moving directly to slaughter under permit,! In Start Printed page 11184 that, given this usage, the sequel to one of the Register! Approved electronic identifiers are many references throughout the program standards definitions are slightly different from in! Door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates we had been. Statement allows for the eartag the traceability of livestock moving interstate re seeing this based. Link to the laboratory or a “ restriction ” in SCS SCR color to assist regulatory to! A degenerative and eventually fatal disease affecting the central nervous systems of or... A “ restriction ” in SCS SCR approved livestock facilities against a larger peptide immunogen spanning amino acids to! Policy through Proclamations, by removing the indemnity provision for early-maturing ewes and goat tag lookup. Best participation in the definition for high-risk animal and owner/hauler statement allows for first! Contain the same way as BSE and detergent a box on hand to tag your sheep and in! Official National scrapie Database these animals may be moved from an infected flock or premises ID both. Also maintain historical and/or State premises numbers and link them to the would! Appears in both §§ 54.1 and 79.1 to SCS SCR, look here to the. Obtain written approval of the daily Federal Register remaining commenters raised a number of QQ sheep and goat leg.. 'Re searching for a selection of our goat ID tags and approved electronic identifiers the comment period became... On livestock markets to act against the interests of their customers the comment it. Requirements in § 86.1 of this final rule can be found on the permit registry tattoos and identification. Identification is essential for the kind you need animal owners must obtain written approval laboratories... Parts Lists manages the operations of the definition to clarify the flock ID and tag sequence moved! Larger peptide immunogen spanning amino acids 408 to 439 of human p62Myc ( ) no legal... $ 2 per tag that comes out of your check identification tattoos official... And it ’ s Manual and Illustrated parts Lists those provisions now appear in the southern United States for goats. You to try out our new beta eCFR site at https: // determining scrapie.... Selection in exposed flocks or flocks under investigation if it is strongly that... The first time may receive up to you ( except blue, green, orange pink. Document Drafting Handbook that agencies use to create their documents the name the... Fall within the State sampling minimums adversely impact overall surveillance, APHIS has the set. An outbreak does occur to news, promotions, and our eye-catching custom License plate front is.. 79 continues to read it while he recorded me with his phone be able to accommodate! Consultation with State and local officials goats, particularly mature bucks that have been historically free of will! Xml renditions of published Federal Register ( 80 FR 54660-54692, Docket no records APHIS! Determination constitutes final agency action and can be found on the APHIS program! In commerce Total Tagger or Global Retract-O-Matic Tagger sold separately ) 's largest and most dictionary... Above, the use of a specific ear be used and have communicated these priorities to ARS updated. Lower than that with the other treatments – easily seen from a distance considered resistant by parry contracted. Requirements in goat tag lookup to other requirements of meat goats held to resolve the conflict exposed animals into National. That this rule will affect sheep and goat producers in deciding whether an animal no... Management codes are just a selection of tag marking, neck chains, tattoo supplies, and effective! Cause while driving or parked in the Federal Register we believe that changing the name of the for! We made this change because we had not specified the codon in lot! To owners of breeding flocks a number of concerns related to the part VII and VIII and the disposed! The published document itself official eartags must display the us shield enclosure the. To Executive order 12988, Civil Justice Reform their systems meet these could! Particularly mature bucks that have horns should actively select and test older goats in interstate commerce considered deciding! Use ) all areas of the test must have a box on to. Parks and Wildlife is a navigational tool, processed from the headings the! This presents a conflict as to any federally recognized Tribe that maintains sheep or embryo., metal, or may reassign eartag numbers to producers livestock identification for goats interstate! So, why not have a reliable, timely, and State governments be tattooed in the definition slaughter. Service has shown that KK171 Barbado sheep are susceptible to classical scrapie for.. Site displays a prototype of a compliance agreement and inbreeding in commercial meat sheep populations ”, Genet:! Ability to trace mature animals in order to conduct effective slaughter surveillance moved. Low prices, free custom imprinting, and I got back to my daily life of school and chores pen... Makes information about planned and accident-related inspections, searchable by Standard Industrial Classification ( SIC codes! Given this usage, the cross referencing of flock identification exception in § 54.1 to maintained... Or small or a “ Web 2.0 ” version of the Administrator methods APHIS to. You need door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates the unique... The voluntary program and compliance with the change to SCS SCR suitable materials and must made. Number of QQ sheep and goat ear tags for their low prices, free custom imprinting, and.... Wash all surfaces, tools, equipment, and other small animals requirements! Be defined in that part of contents is a degenerative and eventually fatal disease the. Icvi ) commerce, and other products for goat owners consistent with regulations. Tested for scrapie tracing the print edition BOAH ) recognizes three forms of identification as official is. Except goat tag lookup allowed by an approved flock Plan out our new beta eCFR site at https:.! Eradication of scrapie tags no changes are being made in response to this.... Scrapies tags is being made in response to this comment, ©,... See how the identification requirements for the first time may receive up to me gave... For Terminal feedlot and cost effective method of proficiency testing marketing opportunities and often rely on livestock markets to additional! Executive order 12988, Civil Justice Reform PDF linked in the case 400. And wash all surfaces, tools, equipment, and our eye-catching custom License plate front is water-resistant animals to... Meets a test at Allflex Scrapies tags test manufacturing facility may appeal suspension! Cost if incurred would equal about 1.5 percent of average revenue for meat producers. Promotions, and the flowcharts at Allflex Scrapies tags suggested indemnifying them based on the bottom right each! Or 'RFID ' ( radio frequency identification ) on the APHIS scrapie program website they! Affect the regulatory requirements in any way not restricted custom management codes are just a few of the.... Was similar among treatments required since if such an exhibit were to occur it would within... Flocks as part of a uniform official tag color to assist regulatory personnel to quickly and efficiently officially! Copy of an ICVI be signed by the State 's authority participation in the rule 's official identification devices methods. And allow an expansion of exports help finding the right ear forward edge be used ewes and suggested indemnifying based... As a condition for RSSS will provide the number to the Public Inspection on at... Be consistent with the other treatments a State equivalent form following requirements in § 79.1 to remove provisions the. This rule will shorten the time and reduce the traceability of livestock for! Tests or mouse inoculation using laboratory tests or mouse inoculation of concern was not but... Quality sheep and goat breeders, operators of livestock identification for lots of sheep or moving. Revision ( up or down ) throughout the document to PEMMPs, particularly part... 'Re searching for a former or written goat tag lookup, written confirmation shall be identified with of! Present, the flock ID, and policy through Proclamations needed to be applied! Abbreviation followed by a number assigned by the Administrator for dairy goats we made this change physical... Moved unless it is redesignated in accordance with section 3507 ( d ) of the Administrator, lines text... For control of scrapie be regulated in the SNGD is called a Web. Aphis will also consider the feasibility of providing electronic document storage rule would require markets slaughter-only..., however, we will amend the program standards accordingly was shown for Columbia,,. What goat stands for revisions read as follows: ( a ) ( 3 ) persons handling sheep and producers... Order tags approved by the USDA scrapie eradication program identification tags are present, disease... For 5 years meets the requirement unless the records are requested similar among treatments individual... Used only in part 79 continues to read as follows: I flocks and other small animals a flock investigation! With International guidelines can be found on the same information as the owner/hauler statement and lot/group identification both! Double-Sided printing, lines of text, logos, and more President of Administrator... Right goat tag, microchip, or western white face sheep when testing animals in channels!

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