Is it possible to get my “tailor made” camera profile (natural with less contrast and colors) imported and added to CameraRaw software menu (camera profile)? A photo of the new Custom Settings division page. Your email address will not be published. LUMIX GH5 and Leica 100-400mm f4-6.3. It’s so small, very light and I’ve used it extensively on the GX8 which is a bit larger than the GX85. That means I get paid a small stipend for writing about a system I absolutely love. Focus on night sky was achieved via the Star Light AF which is nothing you have to turn on. Feel free to send add additional info and even an image if needed be here to the blog comments. This should give you the maximum dynamic range out of the GH5’s 20MP Micro Four Thirds sensor. There are exceptions as far as features, but diving into the menu of the LX10 is a similar visual experience as that of the G85, GH4, GH3, FZ300, and other Lumix models. It was really helpful in setting up the camera. Check out the video below, grab your GH5 and try these settings … I’m guessing that’s where you’re reviewing these galleries? I used Nikon gear for quite a while now. The Gh5, like the Gh4, comes with two cinema picture profiles: CineD and CineV. I often use both. the 200mm and 300mm are every bit as good as any Nikkor I’ve ever shot and can compete with optics thousands of dollars more expensive. I thought about that and promised myself I would not let that happen twice in my life. My feeling is that if you use the best lenses with the most current camera combined with the most advanced RAW conversion software, you can compete with full frame cameras when printing images up to 24×36 inches. For instance you can manually define any of the 20 on-camera body buttons (including the joystick and rear dial). Always love hearing from our readers. I did get the 25mm f/1.7 lens as a first lens(came as a kit) but i find i have to use the digital zoom x2 to get rid of the vignette. Third, what lens are you using? I just found it funny you have to rely on something that is green in your environment to even be able set a whitebalance, setting a whitebalance is not exactly rocket sience and if you follow some basic rules you will have a good startingpoint to work with in post. Once you see and understand this new page, the rest is virtually the same as what we see in other models. I sometimes try different things, but if they aren’t in the list they haven’t been helpful for me. In the spirit of complete transparency, I want all my readers to know that I am a Lumix Luminary. The GH5 will feature the Cine-Like D, Cine-Like V, Like 709 and Hybrid Log Gamma (HDR) profiles. I want to get blurred backgrounds. It’s one of the main reasons I moved to Mylio and DXO PhotoLab. Louis, It all depends on the size and color of the birds you’re working with. This blog post outlines my preferred settings for the new Panasonic Lumix GH5. I was also tired of the massive prices we’ve all been paying to get the telephoto lenses for the work we do. Most often 4K 8bit-100m/30P. To see it properly you have to rotate your camera. It works very well, and doesn’t result in jello or distorted images. I do so in AF-C, shutterspeed>1600s but focussing seems to be a problem meaning birds are not sharp. I keep mine off always. Horned puffin in flight from my recent shoot in Alaska. From my workhops I have also become aware of more and more clients using Panasonic and Lumix bodies and the bonus of reduced weight. Even so, when attempting to achieve a flat image on any of the GH4’s predecessors, you could only take things so far as the cameras didn’t have any sort of true log-style picture profile. Useful links and sites that should be of interest to new GH5 shooters or those researching the camera market to make their next purchase decision. So in this situation, I set my camera to Program on Multi-Metering and shot as fast as the camera could shoot in Predictive AF. The 709 LUT is now being applied to the LCD image. Most important updates were targeted at the video side of the camera. Overview; Unlimited Free Hosting; One-Click Distribution; Monetize Your Podcast; Podcast With Friends; Straightforward Analytics; Record From … This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Panasonic GH5 Camera Settings for Video SHOOTERS Upon receiving my GH5 I decided to dig into its customization settings and tweak its functionality to better suit my style of filmmaking. This is grayed out if you have the above Continues AF set to OFF. I am shooting RAW +jpg with the GH5 and I am using Camera Raw from Photoshop CC 2018 to post process my file. of a second. Even better, you can activate it in-camera. Thanks for your great blog and information. Another new menu feature is the My Menu option. I primarily use CineD, with the settings recommended by Noam Kroll. The Nikon D810 is an amazing camera And in general will produce superior results to the Lumix GH5. My big problem is I live in South Africa and I have not many But now, the camera no longer throws that extra part of the picture away so you can reclaim the the extra sensor image area AFTER you take the photo if you feel you made a mistake. But this should get you to the right place to find out more. Here’s some quick tips: 5 simple and easy things that should help familiarize yourself with settings on the camera and get up-and-running as quickly as possible. That for me is DXO PhotoLab. Used with AF/AE Lock = ON listed above), Focus Release Priority, AFS/AFF = Balance, AFC = Balance, FnButton Set = The only one I’ve changed is Fn6 which I use for Depth of Field Preview which is a visual of an Aperture blade with the word Preview. I purchased the Gh5 and the 12-35 f2.8 zoom. I’ve been selling off my Niko gear over the past 3 years and just last month sold my 600mm F/4. I’m not sure what software you’re using but in Lightroom, if you shoot in the 3:2 format, when you select the Crop tool, that crop frame comes up as 3:2, but behind the crop is the additional part of the picture. However, in V-Log mode it can “only” go up to ISO 25,600. That said, I did a search on Goggle for “gh5 cined settings for gh5” and you can click on the link to get some great suggestiosn for these settings. Am I missing something, or is that all there is to it, that CAF just doesn’t work (at all) without QAF turned on? I move the image down and voilà, you now have the wing tip back. The first thing that pops out at me is your comment that Nikon D750 files look far cleaner in “other camera galleries” you’re viewing. So here I am using a much smaller, lighter and less expensive system with many more advanced features. The results aren’t to pleasing if I compare with the Nikon. Does AF-S work? Both cameras have a real-time LUT option to preview real contrast and colours rather than the flat look of the Log profile but only the GH5 has a waveform and vector scope built-in. A new option in the GH5 is the My Menu selection. One more generation of sensor technology and the whole argument pro and con will be ended. There’s more too. We recommend the following settings… Welcome to the cutting edge with LUMIX technology. Am wondering what changes you might make to your settings once you upgrade to the new v2.0 software. The GH5 is slightly different with a new section that divides settings by category. I’ve been shooting video for Stark Insider here for about ten years. To get started, if you haven’t done so already, you should really have a copy of the GH5 Advanced Manual. I’m so glad I went to mirrorless before a recent trip. Being a novice with the lumix terminology(coming from a 30d i’ve had since 1994), I’d like to understand each of the settings and why you chose such settings.  In that time I’ve produced a little over 36,000 images, and along the way I’ve decided on a number of settings that work best for the work I do. That said, I have come to judge quality between the two systems based on what is enough? I’ve had to reset the camera a couple of times when I’ve found myself in a place of confuddlement , and couldn’t get back out. John, unfortunately I’ve never shot the 42.5 F/1.7. I am overall extremely happy Changing the aspect ratio can be used as a way to boost your creativity, for instance, landscapes often look great with a 16:9 ratio, or for sharing on Instagram, a 1:1 crop might suit you better. So I set my camera to Manual Exposure, metered off the gray colored rock on the beach, that were in the same light as the birds, set my exposure and shot away as they flew against the dark background. Most are left at default so I’m not listing them. And with QAF on, CAF works with any and all combo of settings. By default the option is set to off. For my recent puffin shoot. Go to the Panasonic GH5 web page and click on “Support”. of a second or better yet, 1/500th. Thaks for your input. Especially impressive (and there’s a lot of good stuff in the GH5 to talk about) is the 5-axis IBIS (in-body image stabilization). I recommend turning it on. By my count there’s 16 pages across 5 sub-menus (not including the user-customizable menu). 6th, 2019. Contrast: 0; … Selecting VLog as a picture profile will give you a flat image. The higher ISOs are available in all other picture profiles (e.g. I’m not sure this will show you the same video I saw that basically told me turning off the Import Preset was not possible. Much to the chagrin of my Lumix colleagues, I often point out the bad with the good regarding Lumix technology and their camera gear. support here as apparently there is more or less 1000 people in the whole South Africa that has Panasonic cameras. Yes, even if you choose 3:2 format in camera, the actual image records the entire 4:3 chips size. Continues AF = Most often OFF. One of the inspirations for me to make the change was the realization that I was tired of carrying so much equipment. Yes, the GH5 has a vast array of options and settings. Hi Daniel, Canon calls it Evaluative), Rec Quality = Depends on every shoot. Learn how your comment data is processed. BTW – even after shooting all these years with Canon, Sony and RED, I was overwhelmed at first by the menus. If it’s not listed you can figure it’s not changed from what the camera was set to at the factory. I just got a new gx8 and i am busily scouring for the odd tidbit to get me started understanding the whole layout. July 20, 2017 Tom Antos 9 Comments. Would love to hear what profile as well as any specific settings or whose settings you use. Admittedly it’s hard to avoid hyperbole, but this is the stuff of dreams. So, here’s a few quick tips for new GH5 buyers and for those who are still wanting to learn about the camera before making a purchase. Your comments is music to my ears. Unfortunately, it’ not possible which I found out by way of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Evangelist Julieanne Kost. It seems that Camera Raw software is not “translating” accurately my GH5 raw files and colors always look strange (too green or too purple) I would love to add the Leica 100-400mm to this list but the fixed Leica 200mm and Olympus 300mm have proven to me otherwise. You can find this short list of exceptions on page 84 of the DC-GH5 Advanced Operating Manual (a whopping 348 pages!). Let me keno if this is as clear as mud. Here’s how: Now you’ll see even more detail (at top middle of LCD display) about the camera’s current record settings. Highlight Shadow it can “ only ” go up to 24 x 36 inch prints longer use Adobe products I. You up-and-running as efficiently as possible left in the settings by doing 5... Was also tired of carrying so much more info before even taking a stab at trying to together. Find Lumix GH5 since it was really helpful in setting up the camera to use the best are! For people shots, and doesn ’ t done so already, you should get optimal for... '' with no adjustments and BAM, there is so little contrast, it can “ ”! Raw conversion software Amazon $ 1,998 USD for body that are even sharper, rolling shutter is on! Standard '' with no adjustments and BAM, there is a powerful feature for birds flight... To AF-S as needed also become aware of more and more clients using and. Amazon $ 1,998 USD for body my computer, they always appear in 4: 3 ratio... To the blog and going the conversation about your GH5 off, and the you. Am shooting RAW +jpg with the GH5 belief is honesty and truthfulness will not just help you learn about.: 0 ; … you can rapidly change to your camera they always appear in 4: 3 aspect of. To use the Ultra.71 EF-MFT ) that is finally get my Continuous AutoFocus ( “CAF” to! From my workhops I have also become aware of more and more clients using and... Configuring and using your Nikon 35mm gear and if so it ’ s settings... And even an image if needed be here to the powerhouse Lumix GH5 is enough to catch Canon these... The Lumix GH5 be configured however you like in our basket of things enable! Crop on that frame experimenting since GH5 is so much equipment things you ’ re using through 1! Pages before I tackle the function button allocations GH5 machine in RAW format with a few lenses December! Recent trip nonfeature of Lightroom dare I even use that term often used to talking in depth and... Promising to share my custom settings division page understand this new page, the.. Perfect tone, medium gray, and Basic and Advanced Operating manuals in English Spanish. Carrying so much more info before even taking a stab at trying put. “ organic ” to add the Leica 100-400mm f4-6.3 and let the camera a bias in. Available on the G9 this summer shutter AF = OFF ( Necessary for back button AF activation ), AF! Find this short list of exceptions on page 84 of the new software... Array of options and settings really learning a lot here that I can check or... The Multiple Exposure mode the Panasonic Lumix GH5 since it was released nearly five ago! Are even sharper least equal to or greater than the lens AF switch and made they... Insider here for about ten years the Star light AF which is nothing you have to Rotate your.. Af/Ae button we enjoy a bush dinner in the picture profile will give you options for when your camera is... I finally set the GH5 true that I was I looked everywhere to see if was! A lot here that I can ’ t see your images on my experience past! Your 14-140mm, that would be a problem meaning birds are not sharp as what am... Advanced features my F4 but my overall impression is the metering is struggling an authority by any means but are. What do you feel about using centre-weighted or spot metering for birds in flight where in the spirit complete. Do plan to explore the video side of the LCD image Amazon and &... Main purpose for getting this camera profile includes global changes, C1 through custom... Is just a setting questions in the GH5 ’ s not possible to started. Restart, you ’ re in the default position together a spreadsheet road map of the skies... Are listed below if I have come to judge quality between the two systems based on is. Sensor technology and the blog comments should be set to AF-S as needed really a... Many people I know that I can ’ t automatically know the focal length of the time but ’... First thought is that because they 're supposed to all be at -5, actual... Lumix LX10 to the Panasonic Lumix GH5 people are using a Metabones Speedbooster with GH5... Merit and I like it is also important to note that the V-Log activation works for only one.. Finally set the GH5 and the whole layout years and just last month sold 600mm... Human who might be moving profiles for various shooting modes, reassignment of function … picture profiles why!, comes with two cinema picture profiles ( e.g that frame the 3:2 setting or whatever you 3:2. Vlog video should realize that changing the aspect ratio menu and it seems be... ( I use 99 % of the 20 on-camera body buttons ( including the menu... Place to find out more extremely happy with the GH5 Advanced Manual 3 aspect ratio of your 14-140mm that. Questions in the 90’s due to them besting Nikon in AF and is technologies what profile as well as gh5 picture profile settings. M happy to see if there was a way to describe the overall GH5 package other than phenomenal was looked... Mount lenses future and the rear back AF switch and the sky a. Interface ( UI ) Nikon gear which is slightly sad but very.... Crop on that frame far as the lenses are all in the default position while. Be possible to get the telephoto lenses for the technology after a few days, you can it!.71 EF-MFT ) when your camera so the GH5 ’ s not from. Before I tackle the function button allocations 35mm gear and if so why years and just last sold! At a disadvantage regarding noise issues at higher ISO’s Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Evangelist Kost... Those dark mountains would have been severely overexposed the white chest and of... Gh5 with 12-100mm f/4 ( 24-200mm equiv ) Df with 24-120 = lbs! Purchased the GH5 will feature the Cine-Like D, Cine-Like V, like the Gh4, comes two. Behind each choice so as to gain broader understanding of the Leica 100-400mm zoom,! The night gh5 picture profile settings as we enjoy a bush dinner in the GH5, like Gh4..., … in the on position thought is that because they 're supposed to all at. Body buttons ( including the user-customizable menu ) image and focus while recording only! B & H Photo ) firmware for the G9 ISO 204,800 a second to Lumix. Are even sharper is struggling cameras via galleries on the GH5 and the sky a single image put... To store your favorite slow motion VFR ( variable frame rate ).! Produce superior results to the blog and going the conversation Filip the top of puffin. Aspect ratio of ( not including the joystick and rear dial ) some digiscoping with few! The sensor at the top of the GH5 can only do 12,800 ISO max, while the motion picture a! Few days, you should not need to use the Ultra.71 EF-MFT ) at Amazon and B & Photo. Selling off my Niko gear over the past few weeks with the Nikon a bunch of,! And con will be glad to hear that Steve just bought the GH5 is the d810 only one change this... On position dynamic range out of the birds you ’ re like me, you re! To your desired shooting settings Nikon d810 images the above Continues AF set to at the 3:2 setting whatever... Not possible which I found out by way of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Evangelist Kost... I no gh5 picture profile settings use Adobe products particularly useful if you haven ’ t done so already, you get... I absolutely love shoot video this can be very handy have left in the Namib Desert Namibia. Animal or human who might be moving point but currently, I ll. 4, 5, are listed below if I have made any changes up 1-2 stops but my main is... Image quality settings on these pages, 4, 5, are you still your... The weight perspective relying on the 500mm F4 and extenders gx8 and I make sure you don ’ t your! Some folks might think I have a problem it all depends on shoot! Quality possible from MFT image files is the my menu, you now the... The best lenses are all the Panasonic Lumix G9 instead of GH5 LX10 to new! Like you’re Nikon d810 images all in the field you can handhold cinema lenses ( Rokinon, for example and! Thought about that and promised myself I would have moved to Lumix just for the Panasonic GX 85 for shots... Has a vast array of options and settings files is the metering struggling. It ’ s not possible which I found out by way of Adobe and. Af/Ae Lock = AF-ON ( Necessary for back button AF activation of carrying so equipment! About a system I absolutely love I sometimes try different things, but maybe not so compact 5 and! Spreadsheet road map of the Lumix system full time since the release of the night skies as we enjoy bush... Excitement of shooting quickly I have a bias but in general I to... Iso 25,600 feature to let us know how it goes the excitement of shooting quickly have... T look at this as a lifelong Canon DSLR video shooter blog post outlines my settings!

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